The Place

The Ding Dong Lounge opened in February 2001 - eons ago in the normal time scale of New York City bars - and has been rolling non-stop ever since. It's become known (and has been named) as one of the best dive bars, and best bars overall, in New York City. With customers as interesting and diverse as the city itself, great bartenders, live music every week, fantastic DJs spinning everything you love and everything you've never heard, a dark atmosphere that encourages conversation / flirting, a lively pool table, video & pinball games and no televisions, the Ding is what a NYC bar should be, and what other bars want to be.

Call it a dive bar if you want to, a neighborhood joint, a place for great music, grungy, hip, cool, sloppy or the most comfortable place you've ever hung out. With Manhattan becoming less and less interesting every day and all the rough edges being smoothed over, the Ding lives as an example of why everyone still wants to be in New York City.


The Staff